Lucid Dreaming

Updated: Mar 13

Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is when you're conscious during a dream. It's a potential and superpower we all have. In the dream, the psychological concept becomes personified. You can literally meet your fear, your inner child, your shadow self. You get access to the full power of the unconscious mind which is a library of wisdom.

  1. Lucid dreaming is natural. Children do it naturally.

  2. You don’t need to learn Lucid Dreaming. You need to remember how.

Once you become lucid and start to lucid dream, the prefrontal cortex part of the brain comes online during sleep as against when you don’t lucid dream. This generates the sense of self as in the waking state.

You can talk to higher intelligence, heal your wounds, cure ailments, nightmares and rewire your destructive habits through Lucid Dreaming.

You are actively aware that you are dreaming, you can interact, direct and guide your dreams in the virtual confine of your psychology.

The Dreamer - The part of the unconscious mind that creates and plays out our dreams.

We communicate with this part of the mind in the dream state.

Dreams aren’t random.

“If you want to know the state of your mind, look to your dreams”

If we learn to harness our dreams, we can learn to integrate trauma, change our minds and rewire our brains while we sleep.

Hypnogogic state - It's a state of mind where your eyes are closed, you are feeling very drowsy, you are not asleep yet but you are getting there. It's a transitional state of mind when you are getting to sleep.

The 4-D technique to Lucid Dreaming.

  1. Recalling dreams -Set an intention to remember the dream. When you are in a hypnogogic state recite in your mind over and over 21 times this affirmation: "Tonight I remember my dreams, I have excellent dream recall”.

  2. Dream dairy - Document your dreams in the morning first thing every time. Ask yourself “What was I dreaming about?”.By doing this you solidify the memory of an unconscious process into the conscious mind and acknowledge your dreamer. That means bringing consciousness into the unconscious. This helps us step up the Lucidity Triggers.

  3. Dream Signs -Spotting patterns that you find in the dream dairy. It's a reliable indicator that you are dreaming. These are anomalous aspects of the dream. It fosters a habit of the mind called the ‘Critical Reflective Attitude”. The Shadow will only give you what you are ready for

  4. Dream Plan: The reason for your next lucid dream.

a)What would I choose to do? The 'Why' for your dream?

b) Draw a picture to symbolize the lucid dream you want to have.

c) Call to Action - Call out the inner child.

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