How worthy do you feel?

Updated: Mar 13

Worthiness is the quality of being good enough, the quality of deserving attention and respect.

Self Esteem Vs Worthiness

There is a big difference between worthiness and self-esteem which people often confuse.

Self Esteem is conditional - How we look, what our achievements are, what we do and this is how we were parented.

Worthiness is innate. It comes from our own being. But through early childhood conditioning in the first 7 years of our life, we lost this sense of ourselves. Sense of worthiness can be lost through a traumatic event also. For example, divorce after 20 years of being together.

How do you know you have a lack of worthiness?

  1. We tend to settle for less than we deserve.

  2. We don’t ask for our needs to be met.

  3. We over give and in relationships, we tend to attract takers.

  4. Not being able to say "NO".

It’s hard to be in a relationship without a sense of belonging.

How does worthiness look like?

  1. Feeling/Sense of belonging.

  2. Showing up as an Inner Authority vs Inner Apology.

  3. Having more honesty and integrity in your life.

  4. Living more authentically.

  5. Having more meaningful connections and being aligned with self and others.

5 Tips for Claiming your worthiness

  1. Treat yourself with love and compassion, not judgment.

  2. ASK YOURSELF ‘What would my life look like if I knew I was worthy?’

  3. Repeat Daily (for 63 days): “I ALLOW MYSELF TO KNOW I AM WORTHY”.

  4. Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day of “ME” time. It can be anything but it should not be anything you need to perform, rather just be. It trains your brain to know you are enough as is. Knowing you are enough is claiming your worthiness.

  5. Jot down evidence of worthiness showing up in your life. It rewires the brain for worthiness and looks for more of it.


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