How do we create the 'False Self'?

Every child wants these three questions answered :

Am I seen?

Am I worthy?

Do I matter?

When children feel they are seen and they matter -they develop their sense of worth. They need to be seen for their essence, not their behavior.

True Self: It is of pure creative nature and is our true essence.

When we perceive during our childhood years (0-7) that we are not getting enough nurturing we need from our mothers or acknowledgment and validation from our fathers based on our true essence and creative nature, we create a false shield to protect ourselves( the pain body). It’s a way to protect ourselves to keep seeking nurturing and acknowledgment because that's essential for our survival at that time, but eventually, it sabotages our true brilliance. The egoic shell eventually needs to crack.

The Inner Child: The accumulation of these unmet needs forms the inner child and does not go away till we shed light on it and heal it. The false self protects the inner child by using various compensating strategies it learned as a child.

When we release our controlling tendencies on children, then we actually start seeing them for who they are.

If we don’t allow children, in the long run, to unfold themselves as they truly are, the disconnection to their true selves will show up in some way. Any time you disconnect any being from its true essence it will show up somewhere else dysfunctionally.

Each of us has direct access to our inner knowing and truth. The more we veer someone away from their truth the more will be the disconnect from the true selves and it will show up as a disconnect in their lives and relationships.

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