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Group Workshop - 2 Days 

Summary about this lovely workshop that will help you become a more calm and focused individual and help you with your life.

Day 1

Session 1 - 4 hours  

  • What is meant by balance and equanimity of the mind?

  • What is an event and how are events perceived?

  • What are beliefs and values and how we perceive events based on our beliefs?

  • Understand one’s core belief and value structure.

  • What is meant by being authentic and fulfilling your purpose?

  • What is the ego and the mind and why it exits?

  • Exercises on determining one’s highest values.

Session 2 - 4 hours

  • What is vision and what is meant by polarity?

  • What is the structure of our emotional response and from which part of the brain they come from?

  • Perceptions and its importance.

  • Exercises on Perceptions and how to bring balance.

  • What is consciousness and super consciousness ?

  • Levels of consciousness and evolution in terms of consciousness

Day 2

Session 1 - 4 hours

  • Describe the internal Energy Management System of humans

  • How perceptions affect our vitality and energy.

  • How to derive meaning in ones activities ?

  • What is Heart –Brain coherence ?

  • Demonstrate the biofeedback devices and how to use them.

  • Explain the concept of intuition and the types of intuition.

  • Exercise on how to structure one’s mind  and concentrate on one thing at a time.

  • Exercise on how to structure one’s emotions.


Session 2 - 4 hours

  • Brief talk about the 6- months engagement.

  • Explain the different brain states.

  • Exercises on using the biofeedback devices and analysing the data.

  • What is telomere and how these exercises increase longevity?

  • Explain resilience and how these exercise help increase resilience.

  • Heart and mind map.

  • Summary and integration of the learnings.

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