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Live your best life

My aim, combining my skills as a Supergenius Certified member ,HearthMath Certified Coach and through the principles of Manas, is to help you become more attuned to heart-based living ,harness your innate creative abilities efficiently and set up right structures in your life to achieve balance in all areas.


I want to help you understand the mechanics behind the mind and how your perceptions, based on past experiences, can negatively affect your happiness. I endeavor to help you live a meaningful and purposeful life aligned  to your core values and vision so that you can express your true self.


My mission is to raise the global consciousness, well being and help people navigate to the next level of evolution in consciousness.

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Bikram is really insightful and helped me navigate and understand my mental blocks, things I may have been aware of but his program gives it a subjective view of the issue and helps me unblock those clogs. Now I am more cognizant of what causes those blocks in our minds and how I can rewire my brain to diffuse those behavioral patterns. Thanks Bikram.

Prant Sarmah


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My methods

Manas is an enterprise dedicated to improve human lives and awareness around the world. It aims to spread enlightened ideas and holistic education to uplift as many people in the world as possible and help people live a sustained life of equanimity, authenticity and balance.

We aim to achieve it through helping people set up the right vision for their lives and then go about bringing those visions into reality by setting up the right structures ,accountability and a process of planned action. We believe every person on the planet has the ability to self actualize and express themselves through their unique gifts and talents if they have the right vision and structure in place. We address the core issue of stress and help people become resilient to adversity.  

A unique aspect of Manas is that we use people's natural intuitive abilities to set up the right vision , identify the obstacles they create in their way through their individual belief systems and then go about neutralizing the same through heightened self-awareness. 

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And the result?

As I help you learn these methods there will be a shift in attitudes ,behavior patterns and habits.


You will be able to transform your stress into resilience, harness your innate creative abilities efficiently ,achieve higher levels of performance and live your life with more meaning, vitality and happiness.